Access Control/Time Attendance /Locks

Access Control

Identification admission applications utilized for controlled access to restricted areas of entry


  • Code-specific data verification linked to identity card access reader technology
  • Suitable for Time Recording and/or Access Control
  • Boom Gates and Vehicle Barriers
  • Monitors vehicle access to controlled entry and exit areas
  • Operates on horizontal and vertical pivotal positions
  • System technology utilises infrared beams, coils or raised/lowered bollards


  • Barrier arms restrict entry to one person at a time
  • Suitable for controlled pedestrian access or statistical data collection

Man Traps or Air Locks

  • Installed with two sets of interlocking doors, operating independently of each other
  • Best suited for banks and high security buildings
  • The installation is also used to manage airflow restriction and temperature control

Special Needs Gates

  • A user-friendly barrier designed to specific access and security specifications
  • Provides comfortable building access and assistance to people with special needs

Time and Attendance

  • Provides accurate proof of employee attendance
  • Excellent for management of labor costs and payment reductions
  • Eliminates the risk of manual error
  • Fully compliant with SA Labor Regulations


  • Identification through set markers of individual biological traits utilising fingerprint readers or facial recognition units
  • Biological markers cannot be duplicated or lost
  • Superior security access measure which eliminates theft and fraud
  • Suitable for Time Recording and/or Access Control

Revolving Doors

  • This installation is suitable for controlling entry and exist pedestrian traffic flow in large buildings
  • The system supports energy efficiency and temperature control measurements

Spike Barriers

  • Comprised of embedded steel spikes which rise to prevent vehicle access
  • A popular security solution to manage traffic at casino and parking garage